pep8 song

The PEP 8 Song

This guy, Leon Sandøy, A.K.A. lemonsaurus, took the time to write and perform an informative song about PEP-8. Go watch! It’s both funny and informative … read more

Learn Python for free

Learn Python For Free: 6 Tips

Getting started is hard, no matter what subject it is. Especially if you don’t want to spend money. You want to find Python learning resources … read more

Linux on windows

Run Linux On Windows With WSL

Let’s look at WSL, the Windows Subsystem for Linux. It allows you to run Linux on Windows. It even integrates tightly with Windows. You’ll discover … read more

Pillow Logo

Python Image Processing With Pillow

The Pillow Python Imaging Library is ideal for image processing. Typically, it’s used for archival and batch processing applications. Of course, you’re free to use … read more

python emojis

Working With Emoji in Python

There’s a package for pretty much everything you can think of in the Python ecosystem, all installable with a simple pip command. So it shouldn’t … read more