Migrating From Python 2 to 3

Why should you migrate?

Because Python 2 is no longer supported! Support for Python 2 should have stopped at the beginning of 2020. The last major 2.7.x release was in April 2020. All development has ceased for Python 2. This means there will be no security updates.

Many package maintainers have migrated to Python 3. Some still support Python 2, while others already dropped support. From here on, most packages will gradually stop supporting it. Python 3.0 was released on December 3, 2008. So yeah, we’ve all had plenty of time to migrate. If you still haven’t, you should make it a top priority right now. At the max, you should be running Python 3 before the end of 2020. Otherwise, you will be at risk of vulnerabilities, non-functioning software, etc.

Besides security and support, Python 3 has many benefits; the language has improved for the better, as can be read on our page about Python 3’s advantages.