The Python Course For Complete Beginners (2022)

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Do you want to learn Python with little or no previous experience? This is the course for you; it’s made for beginners looking to get started properly! Learn all the essentials and test your understanding with quizzes and assignments.


Do you want to learn Python? This is the Python course for you; it’s made for complete beginners looking to get started properly! The Python course for complete beginners will get you started with Python in no time and offers the perfect base for other courses on this site and other sites.

This course is loosely based on my free Python tutorial, but it has many advantages and extras to offer:

  • The premium Python course is divided into easily digestible lessons and topics
  • Keep track of your progress and continue where you left
  • Most lessons end with a quiz to test your knowledge and understanding
  • The course is meticulously kept up-to-date
  • There’s lots of extra advice and content from me personally
  • After finishing the course, you’ll be able to download a certificate of completion in PDF format (see product pictures for an example)

Last but not least: you’ll support Python Land, giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside! Thanks to buyers of my courses, I can keep writing and building this website and future courses.

What you’ll learn

You will learn to program in modern Python 3 and get to know and understand the most important basics.

  1. We’ll start our journey with some context, history, and the installation of Python itself.
  2. Then we’ll dive into the language basics: operators, conditional programming, loops, and the most important data types.
  3. I’ll help you install VS Code, a professional code editor, and show you how to configure and use it for Python programming.
  4. You’ll learn about objects and classes.
  5. Along the way, we’ll create a number of small programs to put what you’ve learned into practice.

I won’t teach you tricks: it’s my aim to help you truly understand what you’re doing and how things work. After this Python course, you will have the knowledge and tools to continue your journey into more advanced topics, like data science. This course provides a solid basis for a number of follow-up courses that I’m working on as well.

Windows, Linux, or MacOS?

This course can be followed on any of the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Honestly, all you need is a Python installation and, preferably, a decent IDE. We’ll be using the freely available Visual Studio Code editor, which can be downloaded for all three platforms, but if you strongly prefer another editor, you should be fine too.


This Python course is suitable for those with no programming experience:

  • I’ll walk you through all the steps, including the installation of Python itself and a suitable editor.
  • I designed this course in such a way, that both complete beginners and those with some prior experience can benefit.
  • You don’t need extra material or previously completed courses. This course is self-contained.

Getting help

I’m available for questions through the contact form (e-mail). So if you get stuck, I’ll do my best to get you going again. If that’s not enough, you can book a paid, one-hour virtual meeting with me (the author) to get personal guidance. Send me a message through the contact form for more details.

The Python Course: overview and example lessons

In the course overview below, you can open the example lessons to get a taste of what to expect.


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The Python Course For Complete Beginners (2022)
 30.19 incl. VAT ( 24.95 excl. VAT)