Linear Algebra Basics
Array Fundamentals
Working with multidimensional arrays
Our example dataset and basic plotting
ndarray methods
Array Axes
Vectorized Computing
Universal Functions (ufuncs)
Advanced array manipulation
Selected Topics in Mathematics and Statistics

Installing NumPy

NumPy is not part of the default Python distribution, so you must install it yourself. You can install the latest version of NumPy that is available when you start this course. We continuously keep the course up-to-date, so it should work fine. If not, drop us a message so we can look into it.


You can use pip install if you use vanilla Python, e.g., from your OS or downloaded from If NumPy is already installed, you might want to use the command below anyway to upgrade to the latest version:

pip install --upgrade numpy


If you’re a Conda user, you can use the following:

conda install numpy

If NumPy is already installed, make sure you have the latest version by using conda update numpy.

Poetry, Pipenv, and others

If you like to use Poetry, Pipenv, or any other package manager, the package name you need to install is numpy.